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The South Carolina Craftsman

This is a new project we just started. A charming 1922 Southern Craftsman home located in Columbia SC. This home has such great bones and structure like original flooring and 2 fireplaces. We began by removing the old wall paper from every room. We will be

restoring everything including floors, freshly painted walls, new kitchen & laundry. If you look close, you can see our paint sample on the wall. It's Palladian Blue! Love that color. But we will be sampling a few more various shades before final color selections are made. Oh, and btw, wall paper removal can be either very easy--or NOT--LOL. In our case, we had the latter--not so easy. Oh well, it is going to be beautiful when we are done. We guarantee, you are gonna love it! Keeping you posted!

10/28/16: Well, a little more progress has taken place. The walls are in desperate need of skim coating to achieve a silky smooth finish. The first part of this process is to apply primer to the walls; this will help the skim coat adhere properly to achieve a smooth surface. The primer will also help to cover stains and orders that have accumulated since the home's construction in 1922.

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